Taking care of care home budgets

Senior leaders of a care home contacted us recently to discuss the issues they were having with managing ever increasing volumes of purchase invoices.

Spread over a number of sites, and going through a period of growth, the business was losing control over expenditure and budgets.

It was clear that what was needed was a process for managing financial transactions, incorporating checks and purchasing protocols, to take back control. And that process had to integrate with their existing business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and Caresys.

Purchase orders and invoice approvals We introduced a system that implemented a purchase order process to control expenditure and link it directly to allocated budgets. It increased accountability for spending decisions and ensured no purchases could be made without being sanctioned.

The system then matched incoming invoices against purchase orders, applying an approvals process to authorise invoices for payment or raise queries where necessary.

This process was employed across all nine of their care home sites, improving the time taken to process incoming invoices whilst allowing for faster, more accurate invoice processing and payments.

The accounts department staff now spend less time chasing missing information or invoice approvals or correcting inaccurate payments, meaning valuable hours can be saved.

Management also has access to real time financial information with the confidence that it is accurate and up to date and spending commitments are under control.

If your business operates across multiple sites, if you need approvals from field workers, remote management or home workers, a fully integrated purchase order, invoice approvals and processing system makes the whole process run like a well oiled machine.

It can be configured to work with your existing management information systems, even if they are bespoke to your business and, being user-friendly, is easy for your staff to adopt new working protocols that save them time, remove frustrations and allow them to work more effectively.

Invoice processing needn’t be a headache. Talk to us if you are experiencing frustrations, company expenditure is out of control, or your financial management.