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Is paper holidng you back

If you want your teams to work as efficiently and accurately as possible, there’s no better way than by transferring all paper documents to electronic files. Sharepoint software from Microsoft is a secure place to store, organise, share and access information from multiple devices and locations.

Sharepoint Collaboration is easier

Documents can be passed between departments, and across multiple site locations in just a few clicks, reducing time spent to action tasks, gain approvals and process orders. Customers will benefit too, receiving faster, more efficient service.

Document Management & Sharepoint

sharepoint with filedirectorSharepoint is the place to store regular documents such as proposals, business intelligence and project management information.
It is not recommended for storing volumes of static records like delivery notes, purchase orders and invoices, produced daily in vast amounts. For this purpose, we recommend an Electronic Document Management system called FileDirector.

FileDirector has a powerful search facility, so you can search and retrieve files from archives quickly and easily. Filing and viewing files can still be carried out using SharePoint, but FileDirector will cope better managing the higher volumes of repeat documents.

Talk to us about your business, and we’ll recommend the right configuration to support your business processes.


FileDirector.  is a self contained document management system that has its own client software for scanning and administration but finding and viewing files can all be done inside SharePoint. This means you can still encourage all information to be found in your team sites, recucing the need to deploy more applications to knowledge workers.

FileDirector's powerful search facility allows documents from 10 years ago to be on screen within seconds and sophisticated retention settings mean you can move or retire old documents at the end of their lifecycle. 

Our Recommended Scanning Options

  • Occasional Scanning: buy a SharePoint ready desktop scanner.
    Recommend:Canon DR-C125
  • Daily Batch Scanning: buy dedicated scanning software
    Recommend:Kofax Express
  • Strategic organisation scanning: buy dedicated scanning software
    Recommend:Kodak Info Activate