• Faster invoice capture – scan, email, feeds
  • Less human errors
  • Faster non PO approvals using email
  • Automatic ledger updating
  • Bespoke custom routines and integration

Automating your shared service centre

What’s the hold up ?

What’s the cause of your frustration ? Is it the amount of time taking to get an invoice approved or the number of mistakes the AP team are making ?

Resource limitations …

Perhaps the costs savings the company demand will only appear if you can do more with the resource you have. We have solutions that are incredibly fast to deploy. Days not weeks.

Software ready to deploy

We have chosen software vendors like ABBYY and Spielberg who have packed time-saving features into their software solutions so that only in exceptional circumstances will we have to code a module or an integration.

Simplicity first

Most of the SSC heads we talk to want to keep things simple. Getting non PO invoices approved faster by scanning / capturing them as soon as they arrive is often a great starting point.

Take a look at FileDirector

Our SSC build of FileDirector allows operators to scan, code and then send an invoice for approval. Approvers can take action using a web browser or their smart phones.

Our invoice recognition solution can quickly be trained to understand your supplier invoices so that within a month you are getting perfect recognition with multiple tax rates, handling the different nuances of each European entity.

Once we have put you back in control, you can start to measure and improve your metrics reducing the number of days to pay a supplier. In fact our solutions often pay for themselves in just 8 months though easy to see savings