Overwhelmed by post? Fast track mail to your staff

When one company approached us recently with a problem of paper overload due to the sheer volume of daily post they received, we were only too pleased to help.

The issue was causing delays in processing paperwork, slowing down turnaround of work, and leaving customers none too pleased about the poor service they received.

And that in turn was affecting staff morale, company reputation and profitability.

The company was in fact a legal firm going through a period of growth. They were about to invest in a case management system to help manage the workload, but recognised that handling the mail would still prove to be a bottleneck.

What was needed was a digital mailroom system that processed all mail with a scanning facility that categorized and indexed documents so they were ready to instantly integrate with the new case management system.

We worked with them to build a mailroom process that integrated seamlessly with their new case management system, customizing our software to work in line with their specific processes.

Case managers were then able to access case documents for review and action within a short time of mail arriving in the business. And remote workers had the same level of instant access too.

We also set in place a quarantine process, where documents containing given key words that may indicate the possibility of a complaint, are highlighted for priority action.


  • Mail room staff now take less time handling the volumes of mail and can be redeployed onto other more productive tasks during the day
  • Case managers receive mail as soon as it has been scanned and categorized for action, and can search for documents in just a few clicks
  • Staff are able to work more efficiently and provide a better service for their clients. This in turn has boosted morale.
  • Customers are receiving a more responsive service, and no longer have cause for complaint.
  • The client is satisfied that they have the right system in place to deal with the daily workload, and a system that will work well for them into the future as they continue to grow.

Laura Liddell, Managing Director says: The decision to move to a paperless system was not taken lightly. We knew we needed to change but there was an underlying anxiety about doing so. The results are fantastic however, and we wonder how we managed before!”

For help managing volumes of mail arriving in your business, talk to us, we can work with your existing systems to drive efficiencies and save your staff a great deal of time.