One of the biggest time wasters in business ?

You might think it’s your under performing people.

In fact, it’s the time it takes to handle paper documents – shuffling them from department to department, filing, archiving, retrieving from archive, filing again… the journey goes on and the clock ticks by.

Have a purge on paper and you’ll save your business hours upon hours of time, transforming efficiency into an art form!

We’re talking scanning and digital distribution and storage of all your business documents, from invoices to delivery notes, purchase orders to time sheets.

  •  Save money spent on archive storage accommodation
  • Improve staff efficiency and morale
  • Deliver exemplary customer service
  • File safely, accurately and conform to compliance laws
  • Cut waiting times, and delivery schedules
  • Complete work earlier – invoice sooner
  • Assign transparent task accountability

These are just some of the reasons and benefits of adopting new digital scanning and document management technology.

  •  Accountants love it because OCR technology cuts through their workload, and stops them being swamped with paper.
  • Solicitors request it to handle their volumes of mail with ease, and reduce the number of their ad doc boxes to just one.
  • Manufacturing firms welcome it so they can track purchases and deliveries in real time.
  • Hospitality and care industries find it’s perfect for maintaining accurate client records with ease.
  • Multi site companies say they couldn’t operate without it because they can distribute and share incoming mail and other information in an instant.
  • Local authorities are in awe as they eliminate vast paper archives and replace them with easy to access digital files.

Whatever business you’re in, you’ll find a better way to handle documents and mail with easy to implement and operate electronic document scanning.

There’s no devil in the detail either – take a more in depth look at the specifics of these wonderful systems here.

Free up time, money and head space to do better things – we can help you here at C2S, just get in touch.