New C2S company policy – dont use Amazon

One of our New Year resolutions is to avoid using Amazon for any purchases.

Although Amazon are convenient with their next day delivery and all, they don’t seem to to add value to the economy. They seem to want to sell everything at a bargain basement price and that usually means at the expense of somebody else. Perhaps company’s can try and be too big ? Think Tesco recently – how are they doing right now.

We have never attempted to sell anything through Amazon so it’s not sour grapes on our part, just a realisation that for every sale there is a vendor somewhere in the UK who has had their margins squeezed to the limit. Global domination is OK if you are adding value to our lives or creating great products – Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc. Creating “Me Too" products and selling stuff cheap ? Well that’s not great.

This year, we will pay a bit extra, and choose UK based vendors or web sites and make sure we are buying from British wherever we can.