Making light work of business expansion

When your business grows, it can add pressure points and delays to business processes, particularly if you are relying on manual systems.

We recently helped a claims handling company which had experienced incredible growth over the last three years, and was suffering from the problems caused by delays in key processes.
They were struggling to cope with the huge volumes of mail arriving each day, and some post was taking too long to reach the right members of staff, causing delays and customer dissatisfaction.

In fact it took 12 people 4 hours a day to process the post, time that would be better spent on looking after customers. So, we introduced an automated digital mailroom into the business, which centralised the processing of all mail via a single mailing address. All post is scanned as it arrives, and routed to the right case management systems via intelligent classification of documents.

Case managers can access correspondence without the usual time delays, improving turn-around times and delivering excellent customer service. They can also access archived mail from the digital files in just a few clicks, saving time and enhancing overall performance.
All in all, the company has managed to overcome its growing pains by introducing a simple, yet effective tool to streamline mail distribution. It’s no longer in fear of gaining a poor reputation for delays in response times, and has been able to redeploy office administration staff onto other, more productive tasks.

If routing mail to the right recipient is critical to the efficient running of your business, it’s worth a chat with us to find out more about automating the whole mail distribution process. It saves time and money whilst allowing your business to respond quickly to your customers’ needs.