Keep critical records safe, secure and accessible

International corporations must house official documents, product certificates, patent licences, safety documents and more in a safe place, yet keep them accessible to all authorised users, wherever they may be.

The challenge lies in implementing global wide protocols that preserve data integrity and comply with information security and compliance legislation.
We’ve been working with a large global manufacturer to implement a digital capture facility for their parts certification. The two key processes involved were FileDirector to centralise critical information, and FlexiCapture to scan and shred important documents complete with an audit trail for full compliance.

FileDirector scales up to multiple servers in many locations, is quick to deploy and user friendly, making it the perfect choice for international organisations. It integrates easily with existing systems, adding extra sophistication to the file sharing process.
FlexiCapture is an intelligent system for capturing essential information from scanned documents and email attachments. It reads the information on the page and exports the useful data to be stored or processed further. This might be information on a proof of delivery for example, or in the case of our international client, the essential elements of their parts certificates; dates, part numbers and so on.
In fact, the data can be exported into any application you prefer, including Excel, CSV, XML and your own bespoke business applications. The document can be filed at the same time as the export process takes place, and notifications sent to personnel to alert them that the task is complete.
Our client is very pleased with their outcome. Their parts certificates and other important documents are now safe and secure, yet readily accessible for all who need them.
Sharing critical information on a global scale is possible, easy and secure with business systems from C2S. Talk to us if you would like to find out more.