What’s ABBYY FlexiCapture used for

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What’s ABBYY FlexiCapture used for?

FlexiCapture can be used for capturing (scanning, email attachments) documents and reading the information on the page and then exporting that information into something useful. So paper to data. It’s not used for re-creating the document like say FineReader or ReadIRIS where you have a scan or a PDF and you want all the text in Word.

A good example is a delivery note / POD. You scan that and then you export the delivery note number, the date and the account number into a database and check that there is a signature on the page. The data goes to X and the image goes to Y.

FlexiCapture can read text, hand writing, and check boxes. It can be used for forms, questionnaires, invoices, mailroom items and much more.