Integration of automated invoice processing

If you’ve considered automated invoice processing but worry about integration into your existing systems, it’s worth looking again at this new technology.

We’ve recently developed a system that integrates readily with market leading accounting software Xero, allowing users access to an accurate and speedy labour saving ‘add-on’. This integration is available for other leading accounting systems like Sage and bespoke accounting software too.

Using Abby Flexicapture 11 software, it’s possible to load or scan volumes of invoices, which then go through a process of recognition and verification of ‘headline’ information prior to exporting to Xero.

This loading process eliminates the need for manual keying in of data and removes the risk of entering data incorrectly, or duplicating invoice entry. Plus of course it saves a lot of time.

The dashboard interface allows users to view essential invoice details for a group of purchase invoices, including invoice number, date, amount, nominal code and vat code.

Any anomalies are highlighted to prevent export of invalid data, and amends easily made by manual over-ride. For example, a different nominal code can be selected from a pop-up list of pre-set options, vat codes altered and supplier names matched correctly where there are subtle differences.

When happy with the entire group of invoices, it’s easy to bulk export into a nominated folder for final approval, (by another person if required) prior to posting within Xero.

Entry level software can be installed in just a few hours, and the intuitive, user friendly interface ensures users adapt to this new way of working in very little time at all.

Advance software is available too – allowing for accurate handling of more complex invoices, including coping with multiple line invoices, multiple nominal code entries and matching invoices to purchase orders.

We’ll be demonstrating invoice processing for Xero in a webinar on 10th April and you’re welcome to join us. Please sign up here to register.