How to spend £1,000,000 in 40 seconds ?

We are ready to roll with our new Purchase Order Management system, Zahara. It’s been in the making for a number of years and, like a new father, it’s a very proud moment now. We recognised the need, for many different types of organisations, to control their spend better and were surprised by how some quite large companies still didn’t have anything decent in place. No budgets, no approvals, just an informal arrangement for anybody to buy anything they need.

“We use a spreadsheet" or “we type it up in Word" was something we heard a lot but there was always interest in the idea of a system to manage this better. So we wrote one. And it’s rather nice. And totally affordable at £6 per user per month. Within a few minutes of registering, you could be setting up your users, setting up departmental budgets and customising the layout of a purchase order form. Our workflow module allows you to create a simple workflow process – ie send to X for approval and then send it to the supplier if approved.

So what is all this about? Controlling and managing spend of course. Making sure that all spend in the company is approved and within budget. Our spend prevention is a tool to add a reality check to a division.

So how can you spend £1 million in 40 seconds then? Well, that’s how long it takes to raise a purchase order. Under 40 seconds. So potentially you could spend a £1million that quickly – providing you have budget and its approved of course.

Do take a look and see what you think – or register now