Hands-free email processing – it’s a no brainer

With hundreds, possibly thousands of email attachments arriving into your business every day, addressed to a myriad of mailboxes, is there a clever way to download and route any attachments to a pre-defined mailbox?

Now there is: Santiago – the automated email attachment downloading and routing system that identifies email attachments and diverts them to a dedicated mailbox.

Invoices go to the accounts department, C.V.s go to HR, orders go to the sales department and so on. There’s no delay and no need for human intervention.

You choose which email attachments you’d like to automatically download, and use advanced filtering, for example by file type or file name, date and subject line, to instruct Santiago’s Data Extractor to move those attachments to a dedicated mailbox.

Solicitors save time sorting all their mail, accounts departments receive remittance advices in an instant, and local authorities can route letters and application forms from the public to the correct departments for a quicker response.

We’re delighted to be working with a travel agency, used to dealing with thousands of email attachments an hour – their productivity has been transformed and customer service vastly improved as staff can work far more efficiently.

We’ve added some sophistication too, so all email attachments including .html and.txt files or the body of an email can be converted via Doc2Pdf to PDF format.

Files can be renamed following set criteria, and advanced filtering can set be up so only selected email attachments are routed automatically.

Plus you can enable the option to move emails to a separate folder once the attachments have been downloaded. It keeps mailboxes tidy.

Whether you receive just 10 email attachments a day, or tens of thousands, Santiago can be easily configured to suit the needs of your business. Entry level Santiago is free to download, so you can get started straight away.

We offer different levels of support, according to the volume of attachments received each day, right up to Enterprise level, which includes a one hour response support team at your service and an unlimited number of email attachments.

Santiago’s biggest benefit is the amount of time saved processing email attachments, enabling staff to spend time on more productive tasks. Yes it’s accurate and reliable,

using advanced filtering and tailored settings, and it’s robust enough to handle huge volumes of incoming mail associated with local authorities, head offices and public service companies.

Talk to us to find out more, we’d be happy to demonstrate it for you.