Take the pain out of procurement

You’ve made a decision to make a purchase, but somehow the buying process is taking an age – does that sound familiar to you?

The journey of a typical purchase order can be convoluted – especially when making extra ordinary purchases. Let’s take a look:

Decision made • cost checked against available budget • purchase order approved by financial director • sent to supplier • receipt of delivery confirmed • matched purchase invoice to purchase order • invoice paid.

Let’s draw a breath!

And throughout that process, things inevitably get stuck, delayed, forgotten or lost, and that’s extremely frustrating.

In fact it’s a frustration brought to us by a number of our clients, so we decided to do something about it. After all, we’re here to make life easier, create greater efficiencies for business processes and save time.

So, now there is a new, transparent system to aid the purchase invoice journey. It’s called Zahara.

It uses a dashboard platform to send purchase orders to the right departments and monitor progress as they pass between each person. A traffic light system highlights problems if documents are being held up, so early action can be taken to rectify a delay.

It talks to your accounts system too, so when purchase invoices arrive, they can be matched to their relevant purchase orders, and so long as the amounts agree, can be posted straight away. Any anomalies will be highlighted for further checking.

Many companies have automated systems for regular materials procurement, Zahara goes one step further to aid purchasing of ad hoc and high value items.

If this sounds right for your business, we’re happy to show and tell you more, just get in touch.

At C2S we work with customers in numerous fields, from solicitors practices to local authority departments, accountants to engineers and they all have one thing in common – they’re drowning in paper files, losing important documents and workflow is being impeded or even grinding to a halt as a result.

And in an era when a competitive edge is crucial to future success, this is one key, and not expensive investment that cuts costs and increases efficiencies, arguably like no other.

In fact, we’ve created a short video to explain how radically things can change for the better with the introduction of electronic document management – you can view it here.