Workflow ambushed by slow document approval?

Speed and efficiency – the bedrock of business success.

Both Company reputation and financial health are beholden to them.

So when operational blockages get in the way, stalling document approval processes, the results are not pretty.

There is a way to stop workflow being ambushed – use electronic document management for distribution and approval of invoices, purchase orders, expense claims, contracts and so on.

Whether you work within just one site, or have operations around the globe, it’s a lot easier if staff can click a mouse a few times to send and retrieve documents in a trice.

But you need a system that integrates seamlessly with existing management information systems such as SAP or SharePoint, is easy to implement and user friendly.

If it ticks all these boxes, you can expect to see a rapid upturn in customer satisfaction, staff morale and a healthier bottom line.

At C2S we work with customers in numerous fields, from solicitors practices to local authority departments, accountants to engineers and they all have one thing in common – they’re drowning in paper files, losing important documents and workflow is being impeded or even grinding to a halt as a result.

And in an era when a competitive edge is crucial to future success, this is one key, and not expensive investment that cuts costs and increases efficiencies, arguably like no other.

In fact, we’ve created a short video to explain how radically things can change for the better with the introduction of electronic document management – you can view it here.