Local authority chooses Click2Scan to deliver paperless department

Jan 2014

There’s no organisation too large to contemplate transferring paper documents to digital files. In fact, the larger the organisation, the stronger the case for change. It brings with it incredible potential for multiple cost savings.

Take the case of a large town council, tasked with the challenge of creating a paperless local authority housing department.

21,000 local authority houses were managed by a number of different housing offices. The objective was to consolidate this workload into one office, and create a filing system that was far easier to manage than working with literally thousands of paper files.

The team at Click2Scan recommended, File Director, to store the vast volume of documents the department needed to access.

And to get started, we scanned and stored no less than 17,000 documents so staff were able to benefit instantly from access to archived as well as current files.

The filing structure itself was customised to meet the specific needs of the department, creating an intuitive system that ran on rails.

Within just a few days, all users were fully trained on this user-friendly system, resulting in a dramatic increase in productivity, and indeed morale.

And an additional bonus came when they were able to redeploy a room previously used for storage into an office to accommodate 4 staff.

Overall the installation met the specific objectives set out by the local authority – to cut costs and increase productivity.

It’s testament to the flexibility of our products, and the dedication of our team that we can take on large projects such as this and deliver a successful transformation of working practices.

We’re happy to explain more about it, if you’d like to find out more, just call.