Have you ever paid the same invoice twice ?

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realise you’ve paid the same invoice twice?

  • You feel foolish and are kicking yourself
  • You need to contact the supplier
  • Your cash flow is tighter than it needs to be
  • You know it will take a while before the supplier gets around to returning themoney

It’s such a nuisance! And you’re not alone – it happens all too often! But there’s a good reason why.

Invoices arrive via email, then by post a few days later, and even delivery notes look quite like invoices sometimes, no wonder it’s an issue.

In fact, one of our clients recently contacted us because they were so fed up with the problem they wanted a failsafe system to stop it happening again. And of course we were happy to develop a quick fix solution to add onto their FlexiCapture software to stop them entering an invoice onto Sage more than once.

And they’re delighted – over the moon in fact! Now their software checks to see if a supplier invoice is on the system already, and if so, it stops that invoice being posted twice. No more duplicate payments, and unpicking what’s been done in error. And it’s saved lots of time in the accounts department.

Product development here at C2S is often driven by client demands – they come to us with their wish list of what they would like to have, and we’re happy to listen and develop something that’s easy to implement and use. And response times can often be just a matter of days or weeks. And what we develop today, we’ll roll out to our off the shelf products tomorrow. It’s all part of our continuous development programme.

So, if you’ve a niggling issue in your processes that you’d like to see the back of, contact us for a chat, and we’ll see what we can do. Our can-do attitude may well fix the problem!