Reduce the cost of holiday cover this summer

For every 10 people you employ, you need an extra one to cover all their holiday!

That’s based on 10 people working a 5 day week, entitled to 28 days holiday per year.

And we all know that employment is a significant cost to a business, so could there be a better way?

Technology saves the day

Actually, technology can save many, many days, specifically if you embed electronic integration of documents, emails, invoices and more throughout your organisation. It builds resilience into your business, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of manpower.

Here’s how:

The Accounts department

With OCR technology, the accounts department can reduce manual data entry, eliminate data errors, and speed up processing of invoices and produce more accurate management accounts in less time.

Purchase invoices can be distributed for authorisation, signed off and returned to the accounts department in just a few clicks.

The sales department

With digital mailroom, the sales department can receive customer orders and process them more quickly. A speedier service keeps customers happy and means sales invoices can be generated and submitted in less time. Cutting down lead times is better for cash flow and profitability.

The mailroom

A digital mailroom can scan and distribute post without the need to sort or classify – the software takes care of this process. It means each department receives their post without waiting for manual delivery, there are no lost or misrouted documents, and because they receive documents electronically, they can action, share, distribute or file in just a few moments.

The financial management department

With access to real time reports for work in progress, debtors and creditors lists, financial managers can make accurate business decisions and take timely urgent action if necessary.
Orders, forms and contracts can be processed more efficiently, and stored safely.

The document archive department
Just imagine if all your paper documents were converted to electronic files. There’d be no need for physical archive accommodation. And documents retrieval would be simple – each person can access documents in accordance with their level of authorisation, saving time and eliminating issues caused when documents go astray.

Need to know more?
As you can see, there are lots of ways you can introduce labour saving technology into your organisation and reduce your reliance on people. And we haven’t mentioned them all here. Timesheets, expenses and payroll for example, can all be streamlined.

We’d be happy to chat more specifically about your own organisation, and where simple integration of technology can make a huge difference.

If you’d like to talk then please get in touch. It wouldn’t take long to put new processes in place. Then you wont’ have the to headache of worrying about coping with fewer people in your team this summer.