Growing pains – Don’t hire just yet!

September 2014

What great news it is to hear the economy is on the up and up.

And businesses are finally starting to feel more secure, even experiencing growth for the first time in a long while.

But with growth comes challenges – how to handle the extra workload. However, don’t go hiring extra staff just yet, there could be another way.


We’re not talking about factory conveyor belts here, what we mean is there are electronic systems you can put in place to take care of some of the administrative, repetitive tasks of the business just as well as an additional person (or two).

Take keying in supplier invoices for example. We have automated invoice software that uses OCR technology to streamline handling of supplier invoices, ready to post to your regular accounting software such as Sage 200 or Sage 50.

And handling and routing sacks of mail is made a whole lot easier with Digital Mailroom – paper documents can be scanned into electronic format ready to route to the right recipient in just a few moments – no more time delays or lost documents.

And we can set up routing of electronic mail too – with automated download of attachments, filing and distribution.

Our electronic document management systems can convert all your paper documents into electronic records. They can be filed, distributed, archived and retrieved by anyone from anywhere – given they are authorised to do so. It saves time and enables your people to work more efficiently, increasing productivity and staff morale.

Letters, application forms, questionnaires, client records can all be held digitally – just imagine an office with no more paper! It’s not a pie in the sky theory. We’ve achieved it here at Click2Scan.

All our systems are designed for ease of use and implementation, and to talk to your existing systems for seamless integration.

So, before you increase your head count, it’s worth a chat with us. It may well be the case that you can cope readily with your existing teams, just by adding to the tools at their disposal.

Why increase overheads if you don’t need to? Or expand into bigger offices if you can avoid it?

Look at growing pains as an opportunity to do things differently, and better. We’d be happy to talk about it.