Client invoices into Sage, faster

Accountancy solutions
  • Scan invoices into Sage
  • No need for paper, just the PDF
  • Forensic Analysis to Excel
  • Document Management
  • Client file scanning

Simplify the process

You know that feeling when you are presented with a year’s worth of books and you need to make sense of them? It’s a drain isn’t it!

And it would be a whole lot easier if there were a simpler way.
Well, thankfully now there is.

Move with the times

Automated invoice processing software has come a long way, and now uses OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) to intuitively post invoices to regular accounting software such as Sage.
There’s no need for laborious manual input, your staff can scan invoices and the software will intuitively post them correctly.

Take human error out of the equation

Rest assured there are approval processes to ensure accuracy, but the whole process is far less time consuming than traditional manual input.

Complex invoices with multiple nominal codes are managed with ease too – and we can customise the software to work with your existing systems.

Forensic Analysis

Do you ever need to analyse a clients bank statements and have tried various OCR applications but struggle to get good results fast ?

We have a much simpler service. You need to plan a few days ahead but simply put, get them scanned, upload them to us through our web site here and for 5 pence a line, we will have them extracted into Excel for you. Because we use a team of graduates in India, the results are excellent and we don’t have to worry about OCR quality. If you can see the numbers on screen, so will they. If you have over 20 pages, then we can help and the turn around time will be a just a few working days.

Paperwork problems ? Document scanning is the answer

We’ve visited plenty of accountants over the years, knee deep in paper-work, floors bending, cabinets to bursting point. We’ve even met partners who’ve lost their garage to client files. No. Garages are for classic cars !

It’s never a good time to talk either as you are always attending to year end or one request after another ….

We’ve also worked with accountants who have got is sussed. Everything is scanned. Everything is accessible within a click or two. No rooting around for a file. It’s there on screen, ready to be shared or emailed on.

The answer is document management software. C2S can advise you and it wont cost the earth. We can even take away your old files and scan them straight into your new fangled software that your going to love.

Don’t believe us ? Then give us a call and we will put you in touch with some of our clients who can tell you how easy the transition was and how they will never go back.